Goal Assessment

The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is that your website attracts as many targeted visitors as possible. A professional web design is not enough for your website to be visited. It is necessary that when users enter a specific search term in the search engine that your website appears among the first search results.


In the actual optimization of SEO, much depends on the jointly adopted implementation planning.  We can either advise you or make the changes directly for you. The details of SEO optimization are based on the agreed offer. Depending on your wished and internal resources, are at your disposal for advice or implementation. We show what needs to be done, you tell us what you want to do yourself. Depending on these results, we will make an offer for you.

Keyword Analysis

We conduct competitive and audience driven professional keyword research and create keyword sets and clusters.  First, we identify the correct terms and keywords that can be used for the optimization. This is the first and most important step of SEO. This part is very time consuming because a balanced combination of high use of words but little competition has to be found.


An intensive keyword research forms the basis for search engine optimization. If you know the relevant keywords and the search market, a targeted search engine optimization campaign is possible. We identify the keywords that are relevant to you – keeping a close eye on your target audience, the market and your competition.

On Page Optimize

The page optimization includes all adjustments and marketing activities directly on your site. These include among other things, a source code, usability optimization with user-friendly design or an improvement of the page speed. In on page optimization, the structure and content of search engine optimization are crucial.

The structure of the website includes both the structure and internal linking of the website as well as the structure of the individual subpages. We show you how to build your website.

Depending on which keywords you want to attack, search engine optimized texts are highly complex. That’s why we work together with professional editors and create complete texts for you according to your specifications.

Below is a very small selection of important on page ranking factors:

  • Individual page content, unique high-quality content
  • Title tags (page titles) and description meta tags (page description) for each page of a website
  • Readable URL structure
  • Easy navigation
  • HTML and XML sitemap
  • Helpful error page
  • Structured text construction and use of headline tags
  • Image optimization
  • Search engine friendly link structures
  • Error free programming and fast loading times
  • Responsive web design, mobile friendly

And much more


Off Page Optimize

The off-page optimizations of your website includes link building and social signals. We will build up relevant links that match your industry or niche and point them to your website. Link signals from high quality relevant websites have a positive effect on the ranking in search results.

During the off-page analysis, we check for the following points:

  • External links
  • Social media
  • Indexing


We show you how successful our measures have been. We equip you with the common Google applications such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Where you will get detailed insights about your traffic and the development of your website in search engines. We also provide you with keyword ranking reports on a monthly basis.

With our services we strengthen your reputation on the internet and increase your profit. We work closely with our clients and ensure the transparency of our service.


Why Your Company Needs Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is critical for any online business seeking to rise in the search engine rankings and get their site noticed by the general public. You can liken your website or online business to a store located in a desolate area when it’s not generating any traffic.

Just like the store in a remote area that’s not getting any traffic because no one knows it exists, your website or online business can be likened to that store located in a remote area.

If your website is not known it won’t be getting any traffic. This is where SEO comes in. SEO gets your site noticed by search engine spiders as a result of the content and links you add to it. Once your site begins to get noticed by the search engines it begins to rise in ranking based on its content and links, etc.

Without SEO your website or online business is just like that store located in a remote area. No one knows it exists therefore it can’t get any traffic. After all, people have to know your store or website exists for them to visit it and do business with you.

Without SEO your website or online business is the equivalent of a boat lost at sea somewhere in the vast oceans. If no one can see you or find you, you will be lost at sea forever.

Simply put, without search engine optimization your website or online business is that store located in a far, out of the way, remote location, or that boat lost at sea. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers that most people who are interested in SEO normally ask.


Search Engine Optimization FAQs.

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Front Page Of Google Search Engine Results?

Answer: It normally takes about 90-180 days to rank on Google for your specific keyword. That time can also vary depending on how competitive your keyboard is. If your keyword is very competitive it could take longer to rank for that specific keyword and even longer still to get to the first page of Google’s search engine results.

What SEO Methods Should I Use To Get Noticed By Google?

Answer: The most common methods used to rank and get noticed by Google are updating your site regularly with fresh content and getting links to authority sites.

Does The Age Of My Domain Effect My Ranking?

Answer: Yes, but not to a significant degree. Although Google does factor in the age of the domain when determining ranking it’s not a significant factor and does not positively or negatively impact the ranking of your site to a significant degree.

Can I just Add A Lot Of Links To My Site And Expect To Rank High?

Answer: No. The days of just adding a ton of links to your site without any authority are long gone. Using that method today only gets your site penalized and pushed further down in Google’s search engine results.