It's 2022, and a website helps build your credibility in your industry and legitimizes your business, no matter how small.

Websites Design with Specific Goals in Mind

Your website can be an interactive marketing tool that informs, delights, and leaves visitors with a memorable impression of your company.

At Next Level Sales consulting, we believe that web design fuses compelling visuals with innovative technology and impactful messaging to create an effective business development tool. In other words, web design can turn your website into an all-powerful sales-generating leviathan, that can be sent out into the world to do your bidding.

We strongly believe this is true, and such we start all projects from with architecting and blueprinting that path this way we ensure your new site is easy to navigate, that it contains clear calls to action and engages your visitors.


Stirring an emotional response in your audience is key to getting them to want to do business with you. Whether it’s template customized to your brand or a fully custom design solution, we create a unique and professional aesthetics, ensuring that visitors will take notice and feel comfortable working with you in the first few seconds they see your site. The design also serves as a powerful reinforcement of your unique brand.

Our team will research and install the ideal system for your business goals, making sure it is easy to use, scalable and flexible—it gives you control over your content once we hand over the keys.


*Systems such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify, and WooCommerce.


While only 20% of your content will ever be read on your website, search engines and other bots such as Alexa and Siri, will be scanning all text for keywords and phrases. If you have an existing website and simply need to make sure the right key terms are used or need content from scratch our team will help you create and edit content to capture the interest of your readers and gain points from search engines.


Now that the content is scrubbed, polished and ready to go, our skilled designers place your content into your website, researching imagery, editorial videos, icons and graphs to support the content – bringing it to life on the page. In setting up the content, they will be setting you up for future success when managing the website yourself with style guides, headers and image libraries already pre-populated.

We check your website on multiple devices, platforms and browsers—from desktop PCs to tablets and mobile devices—to make sure everything looks and acts just as intended.

Once your site is live, we introduce it to all the right search engines to help you climb the rankings ladder.

Get a Quote

Prospective clients often ask us, “how much does a website cost”? In many ways, the answer depends on the person’s needs, preferences, and business goals.

No matter the size of your business, NLS can provide a full service web design solution for you and your company’s strategic goals. If you have simple needs, you should be able to quickly get a sense of how much you should spend on a site quickly and easily.

Choose one of the following options, and have a full proposal emailed to you instantly!

Small Business Website

(Less than 15 Pages)

If you can answer yes to any of the following, this solution is right for you:

  • I’m starting a new business and need a website.
  • I’ve been in business for years, people ask for my website, and I have no where to send them.

This solution provides you with a fully editable website, customized template to your brand and simple content. The basic for optimizing your website are included to make sure we get you on the right path for building your business. Your site will be built using a standard platform (WordPress) for editing in the future.

Mid-Sized Business Website

(15-25 pages, Gallery and Email Marketing Integration)

Not all businesses need a custom branded design, massive website with an expensive and complex systems to get their brand recognized. However, you might need more than a template – but a dynamic, inspirational website to showcase your services and products. A place whereyour customers enjoy coming again and again to download spec sheets, check out updated galleries, new releases and on-demand information.

If this is you – this solution is perfect as we leverage the content management systems that’s the right fit for your business (WordPress, Shopify r). Click to get a proposal that includes a customized template website with keyword driven content (up to 25 pages), galleries, editable menus, integrated email broadcasting, search engine optimization and 1:1 training teaching you how to maintain and manage your website with ongoing support at your fingertips.

Full Custom Website Development

(25+ pages)

No templates? No cookie cutter? Just Human to Human.

Your website needs to be as unique as your business is. You need to work 1:1 with your designer creating the perfect brand, design and experience for your customers. This solution provides you with the fully integrated customized website from wireframe (blueprinting) to design to programming. By the time your website goes live, you will feel like one of the family with the intimate services and 1:1 craftsmanship we will invest in your website, content and delivery.

eCommerce Website

Business & Sales

Do you want to sell online or have the vision of turning your existing website into an online gateway service, 24/7 on demand partner to your business for your customers.

Not sure which solution is right for you: Shopify Wix, Woo by WordPress,

This solution takes the guesswork out and focuses on your business goals and user experience first. Click to find base level investment for taking your business online into the eCommerce